i just like a lot of things (like shows with lesbians)
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every time amy looks at karma like there is no one else she loves in the whole world and you just know there is no way this will end up happy and gay



L: You know how Ally is like super super sweetheart oh my gosh, I’m from Miami and people here aren’t like that. So when I first met Ally, I was like… oh… like, FAKE. Whatever. But then I actually got to know her I was like wait a minute, dude she’s just a genuinely sweet, like she’s a sweetheart that’s what she is.”


I know that the characters are fictional.

But the emotional damage they cause is real.


A gem from Khloe Kardashian.



Obama will never be half the man nor love America as much as Reagan did.

Obama will never eat as many flags throughout his presidency like Reagan did. Reagan holds the current flag-eating record at 3,463 flags during his presidency. Obama is currently only at 1,072.
Here we see pictured: Reagan in action during one of his flag feedings. This is speculated to be approximately his 560th flag consumed.

Dinah Jane + selfies in 2014.


shocking update from updated satellite images reveal missouri does, in fact, not exist

i fucking knew it